Entry Proposal Requirement
a) The proposal design must match the theme of "Seeking Smart IIoT Talents" , and be in line with the development trends of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025. The entry must integrate Delta's latest automation products and technology to show innovative and creative ideas for industrial sectors and future living.

b) When drawing the electrical diagram, use the national standard graphic symbols of the People's Republic of China. Otherwise, please indicate the name of the reference standard.

c) Arrange the controlled object, Delta PLCs, PC-based Motion Controllers, HMIs, SCADA software, Industrial Cloud Platform, AC Motors and Drives, Servo Systems and other components based on the electrical diagram.

d) Students must demonstrate comprehensive understanding and control of the proposed demo kit. They are expected to properly and correctly program the HMI and PLC control procedures, setup parameters and communications of the system. They must precisely display main structure flow and essential process notes, and ensure the coherence of the whole system to work collaboratively and achieve precision control.

e) Correctly install Delta control products, motors and drives, the related low-voltage electrical (circuit breakers, fuses, and others), cable trays, DIN rails and terminal blocks and other equipment. The application must comply with electrical installation standards for rational layout, firm installation, and fastened and clean wiring.

f) The application should operate normally after power-on testing. Carefully consider transport, reassembly and other factors to ensure proper functioning of the application on-site.

g) The demo must match the design in the proposal with complete hardware installation. The demo should be stable during the display, and its operation should remain precise and steady under a considerable range of physical conditions, such as shock, time, noise, temperature and humidity.

h) Students shall ensure a stable and safe demo operation, conduct error analysis, debugging, troubleshooting, and implement a safety mechanism design if needed.